List Of Forex Brokers In Malaysia

If You Are Willing To Trade Forex in Malaysian Market, Here Is A Stop Solution For All Trading Problems.

We Have Created Detailed Review Of Brokers For Malaysian Traders. 

If You’re A Beginner, Be Careful With Forex Trading As Forex Products Are Risky, Therefore It Is Not Suitable For Everyone. 

If You Don’t Care You Can Easily Lose All Your Money. Know-How Forex Trading Works, Take A Look At Our Forex Education Articles, And Our Top Listed Forex Brokers In Malaysia.

The Malaysian Economy Going Towards A Developed Country By Exporting Oil And Gases. 

In Malaysia, There Are Many Forex Brokers Due To That The Country Is Also Growing. 

The Forex Market In Malaysia Is So Big, That All The New Brokers Come Here To Register Their Company In Malaysia.

There Are Various Platforms In Malaysia To Trade In Forex Market, Popular Platforms Like Mt4, Mt5, And Ctrader.

Forex Trading Is Too Risky If You Did Not Take Experts’ Advice For Trading In The Forex Market. Here Are Some Best Forex Brokers In Malaysia.

How To Choose The Best Forex Brokers In Malaysia?

Choosing a forex broker is not easy, as most brokers charge hidden fees or high commissions. 

Here is the list below to consider before choosing a forex broker in malaysia. 

  • 1.Broker Regulation

Regulated Brokers Are Those Who Are Registered And Regulated By A Financial Regulatory. Regulated Brokers’ Activities Are Monitored By The Local Regulatory Organization In Order To Prevent Fraudulent Acts From Taking Place. They Work With Numerous Companies To Help Investors Make Informed Investment Decisions Through The Use Of Educational Tools And Strategies.

Regulated Brokers Are An Important Part Of The Financial Industry. Because They Have A License To Conduct Their Business And They Follow All Local Rules And Regulations, They Help Protect You From Fraud And Unlicensed Brokers Who May Be Engaging In Illegal Activities. Getting An Account With A Regulated Broker Is Just As Easy As Opening An Account At Any Other Type Of Financial Institution.

  • 2.Broker Trading Conditions And Costs

Brokerage Is The Amount Charged For Executing A Trade. A Broker May Charge A Flat Fee, Or Use A Tiered Rate System Based On The Number Of Shares Traded. Brokers Usually Offer Discounts To Clients Who Trade Larger Amounts, And Tend To Charge More At Busy Times Such As Opening And Closing Of Markets.

The Brokerage Fee Applies To Each Leg Of The Transaction (Buying And/or Selling). If You Are Buying A Stock, You Will Pay 1.5% Of The Total Cost Of Shares Purchased Plus £0.05 Per Share Traded. If You Are Selling A Share, You Will Pay 1.5% Of The Total Value Of The Sale Less £0.05 Per Share Traded.

Trading Conditions Are The Basic Principal Terms Of Governing The Way Financial Instruments Are Bought And Sold On A Trading Platform. They Refer To The Conditions On Which Brokers Platforms Offer Their Trading Service. For Example, If You Want To Buy Or Sell An Option (For Example, Stock Options Or Futures), What You Pay For Access To The Platform Is Your Entry Fee. The Fee Differs According To The Type Of Contract Being Traded And Whether You’re Buying Or Selling. Furthermore, You Usually Pay A Commission Fee Every Time You Place An Order As Well As A Spread Or Gap That Represents At Least Part Of The Difference In Price Between The Bid And Offer Prices. That Way You Can Trade Online At Any Time In Just A Few Clicks.

  • 3.Broker Education And Analysis

The minimum educational qualification required to become a stockbroker is graduation with at least 2 years of experience in a stock broking firm. A sub-broker (the previous stage of being a broker) needs to have passed the class 12th standard to be eligible for his job. Minimum age 21 years.

Broker Analysis Is A Service Offered To Investors Who Are Interested In In-depth Market Analysis On The Larger Investment Topics And Seeks Expert Opinion To Confirm Trade Decisions.  The Priority Of Broker Analysis Is To Provide Professional Advice And Actionable Insights, Based On Reliable And Comprehensive Data. Our Analysts Draw Upon Their Extensive Experience, Extensive Resources, And Cutting-edge Technology To Identify Opportunities That Are Often Too Little Known Or Not Widely Recognized.

  • 4.Broker Trading Platform

Broker Trading Platform Is A Leading Forex Platform Provider For Multi-asset Brokerages In Malaysia. Their Mt4, Mt5, And Ctrader Trading Platforms Are Used By Top Brokers All Over The World. With Their Sophisticated, Yet Intuitive Software And Professional Support Team, Broker Trading Platform Guarantees Best Trading Experience On Every Platform They Provide.

Forex Brokers In Malaysia Were Put To Test Since They Were Introduced In 2007. The Country’s Currency Exchange Market Is Still Evolving, And There Are Many Regulators Who Are Trying To Maintain A Fair Play In The Industry. There Are Also Many Forex Traders Who Want To Use Their Expertise To Benefit From The Fast Growing Forex Market In The Country, But Need Some Help. We Have Prepared A Guide With Useful Information About Currency Trading Platforms And Welcome Bonus, Available At The Leading Forex Brokers In Malaysia.

When It Comes To Trading Forex There Are A Number Of Different Ways To Place Trades And Earn Currency. The Most Popular Is Through The Leading Forex Brokers Who Offer Their Services. This Is Where You Will Open A Live Trading Account With A Broker And Then Be Able To Download Their Fx Trading Platform, Deposit Funds, And Begin Executing Your Trades.

The Forex Market In Malaysia Is Becoming A Popular Destination For Any Trader Or Investor For Dealing In The Global Currency Markets.

A Forex Broker Is An Online Service Provider That Offers Retail Traders The Ability To Trade Foreign Exchange, On The Global Market. In Simpler Terms, It’s A Person Or Company That Buys And Sells Currencies On Behalf Of Clients With Varying Levels Of Risk And Investment Goals.

Use Our Expert Reviews To Find The Best Forex Brokers In Malaysia Who Offer Services On Metatrader 4, 5, And 6 Platforms With Available Trading Tools. Review Of The Regulatory Bodies And Currency Pairs Offered By The Leading Forex Brokers And Welcome Bonus Benefits Of Opening An Account At Different Firms.

Malaysia Is The World’s Leading Forex Trading Hub In Asia And Is Also Home To One Of The Largest Number Of Foreign Exchange Brokers. Because Of This, New Traders Have A Dense Field Of Options When It Comes To Choosing A Broker – With Dozens Of Firms Offering Products And Services In Malaysia And Servicing Over 1 Million Active Clients Every Month.

More Forex Brokers In Malaysia

Forex Brokers In Malaysia Provides The Best Forex Trading Platforms To Trade, Educational Services, And Trading Tools. Forex Trading Has Been Gaining Popularity In Malaysia And The Forex Brokers Listed Here Offer The Best Choices For Everyone From Beginner To Advanced Traders.

  1. Best Leverage Of The Brokers In Malaysia.
  2. Best Spreads Of The Brokers In Malaysia.
  3. Regulated Forex Brokers In Malaysia.

Best Leverage Of The Brokers In Malaysia

Leverage Is A Term Used In Trading. It Means Borrowing Some Money To Make Trade Decisions. Leverage Significantly Increases The Advantage Of An Investor And Helps Traders Increase Their Earnings By Placing Smaller Bets On Big Events.

Leverage Is The Use Of Debt To Expand Business Ventures, Which Increases The Potential Returns From An Investment Or A Project. However, Leverage Will Also Multiply The Potential Downside Risk In Case The Investment Does Not Pan Out.

Leverage Is Used By Traders To Widen Their Investment Opportunities. For Instance, Suppose You Have $1,000 In Your Trading Account And You Want To Buy Shares Of Company Xyz, Which Currently Costs $20 Per Share. Using Leverage Of 2:1 Would Mean Using Only $500 Off Your Own Money Plus Borrowing The Rest From Your Broker At An Agreed-Upon Interest. This Technique Has Been Called Borrowed Capital Or Margin; It Allows You To Control A Position Worth Twice As Much As The Amount In Your Account.

Leverage Is A Tool That Allows Investors To Gain Exposure To More Assets Than They Actually Own, Borrowing Money From The Broker In Order To Invest. In The Case Of Forex Trading, Leverage Is Applied Through Margin Calls, Which Can Be Thought Of As An Interest-Free Loan. For Example, If An Investor Has $5,000 And Wishes To Go Long 10,000 British Pounds, Then The Initial Margin Requirement Would Be $5k/1k=5%. In Other Words, In Order To Control More Than $5k Worth Of Assets, Only $500 Needs To Be Deposited With Your Forex Broker.





Td Ameritrade




Ic Markets


Fp Market












Leverage Is One Of The Most Attractive Features Of Forex Brokers. Leverage Involves Borrowing A Certain Amount Of The Money Needed To Invest In Something New. In The Case Of the Forex Market, Money Is Usually Borrowed From A Broker. Forex Trading Offers High Leverage In The Sense That For An Initial Margin Requirement. A Trader Can Build Up And Control A Huge Amount Of Money.

Best Spreads Of The Brokers In Malaysia.

The Bid-Ask Spread Is The Difference Between The Ask And Bid Prices Of A Security. The Bid Is The Price That An Investor Wants To Pay For An Asset, And The Ask Is The Price At Which An Asset Can Be Bought From A Seller. This Difference Isn’t Dictated By Legal Requirements Like In Other Financial Markets; Instead, It Reflects Supply And Demand Economics.

Spreads Are The Difference Between A Forex Broker’s Buy And Sell Rates For A Currency Pair. Spreading Involves Trading One Currency Against Another, So The Underlying Assets Changed Are Different Depending On The Trade. The Spread Represents The Profit That The Forex Trader Makes From This Transaction. It Is Important To Understand How Spreads Differ From Commission, Which Is A Flat Percentage Added To Each Trade.

When A Currency Trader Makes A Purchase Or Sale, It’s Usually For Two Reasons: To Take Advantage Of Possible Future Price Movements And/Or To Hedge Existing Positions. The First Type Of Trade Is Considered Speculative In Nature Since The Currency Is Being Bought And Traded Solely To Capitalize On An Anticipated Market Move. The Second Type Of Trade Is Defined As Hedging.





Td Ameritrade




Ic Markets


Fp Market












Regulated Forex Brokers In Malaysia.

Forex Brokers In Malaysia Are Regulated By The Securities Commission Malaysia (Scm) Or The Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA). However, If You Use A Forex Broker That Is Regulated In Another Country, Ensures That The Company Is Registered With The Relevant Financial Regulator. Also, Check Whether The Company Has Been Licensed To Operate In The Country.

Choosing The Best Forex Trading Platforms In Malaysia Is Difficult To Find. Here We Are Doing Compairs Of Brokers On The Bases Of Spreads, Leverage, Trading Platforms In Malaysia For You Did Not Get Confused In Which Broker Is Best For Forex Trading

List Of Forex Brokers In Malaysia

List Of Forex Brokers In Malaysia forex trading evo

1. Avatrade Malaysia

Avatrade Is One Of The Best Online Forex Brokers That We’ve Tested. Avatrade Offers Cfd Trading On Online Currency, Stock Indices, Commodities And Precious Metals. They Have A Large Range Of Deposit And Withdrawal Options (Including Credit Cards), Which Makes It Easy For You To Deposit/Withdraw Money From Your Account. They Also Have An Advanced Platform, Which Is User Friendly And Visually Appealing.

Avatrade Is A Global CFD And Forex Broker Founded In 2006. It Is Regulated By Several Financial Authorities, Such As The Central Bank Of Ireland And Has An Extensive Presence In Most European Countries Giving It A Wide Range Of Currency Pairs Available To Traders. Avatrade Also Offers Its Clients The Option To Trade Binary Options And Spread Bets On Some Of Their Popular Markets, Such As Gold And Oil.

Avatrade Spreads

The Spread Is The Market Value Of The Difference Between Two Prices, Rates Or Yields. In Financial Markets, The Bid-Ask Spread (Or Simply The “Spread”) Is Usually Used To Describe The Difference Between The Price At Which A Security Can Be Bought (The Bid) And Sold (The Ask). It Is Also Known As Bid-Offer Of Spread, Bid-Offer Price, Or Simply “Bid-Ask”.

Avatrade Leverage

Leverage Is The Use Of Debt (Borrowed Capital) In Order To Undertake An Investment. Leverage Can Increase The Risk But Also Magnify The Potential Gains When You Make Money On Your Investment Because It Means You Didn’t Use All Of Your Own Capital — You Borrowed Some Money From Someone Else Who Is Lending It To You.

Avatrade Licensing

Avatrade Is Licensed Under The Fca, Cysec, Fsca, And Scb.

Avatrade Spreads

Avatrade Has Spreads Of 0.9 Pips In Usd/Eur

Avatrade Commissions

Avatrade Does Not Charge Commissions On Any Trade.

Avatrade Minimum Deposit

The Minimum Deposit Of Avatrade Is $100.

Avatrade Trading Platforms

Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, Automated Trading, Mobile Trading, Mac Trading, Avasocial.

Contact Avatrade

Australia +(43)69010280826.

Avatrade FAQ’s

Should I Use Avatrade?

Ans:  Avatrade Was Founded In 2006, And It Has Grown Steadily Over The Time. The Platform Uses An Interesting Copy Trading Model In Which You Can Copy Traders’ Actions, Such As Buying Certain Stocks Or Placing Certain Orders. Avatrade Has A Mobile App Available For Ios And Android Devices.

How Long Do Avatrade Withdrawals For Taking?

Ans:  Avatrade Withdrawal Process Takes Only One Or Two Working Days. Please Note That Avatrade Operates From Monday To Friday, Excluding Festive Days Included In The Official Calendar. If You Make A Request After Closing Hours (Friday Evening, Saturday, Or Sunday) Your Withdrawal Will Be Processed The Next Working Day.

How Do Beginners Buy Stocks In the Market?

And:   The first step for any beginner who wants to learn how to buy stocks is to set up an account with a stockbroker. An online stock broker makes this process easy and convenient. After opening your account and funding it, you can buy stocks through the broker’s website in a matter of minutes. Other options include using a full-service stockbroker or buying stock directly from the company.

AvaTrade List Of Forex Brokers In Malaysia

2. Td Ameritrade Malaysia

Td Ameritrade Is One Of The Most Popular And Well-Known Online Brokers For Active Traders. Td Ameritrade Offers A Broad Range Of Trading Tools Low Commissions, And An Extensive Online Education Center. Though Its Levels Of Customer Service Aren’t As High As Some Other Discount Brokerages, Its Trading Platforms Are Strong Enough To Make It Stand Out As A Top Choice For Active Traders.

Td Ameritrade Is A Financial Services Company That Provides Retail Brokerage, Trading, And Investment Banking Services To Individual Investors, Along With Corporate Customers. It Offers A Broad Range Of Financial Products And Services. The Company Backtests Its Own Strategies To Portfolio Selection. A Backtest Is The Calculation Of The Expected Return Of An Investment Over A Given Time Period Using Historical Data.

Td Ameritrade Licensing

Td Ameritrade Is Publicly Traded (Nyse: Schw) And Regulated In Four Tier-1 Jurisdictions. Td Ameritrade Is Trusted By Over 11 Million Clients. Part Of Charles Schwab Corporation Since October 2020, With A Combined Millions of Clients.

Td Ameritrade Spreads

With Average Spreads Close To 1.2 Pips On The Eur/usd.

Td Ameritrade Commissions

A $6.95 Commission Applies To Online Trades Of Over-The-Counter (Otc) Stocks (Stocks Not Listed On A U.S. Exchange).

Td Ameritrade Minimum Deposit

Td Ameritrade Has a Minimum Deposit of $2000.

Td Ameritrade Trading Platforms

Web Platforms, Thinkorswim Desktop, Thinkorswim Web, Mobile Trading.

Contact Td Ameritrade

Account Service And Support Available 24/7.

Call: 800-454-9272.

Td Ameritrade FAQ

Is Ameritrade Good For Beginners?

Ans:  Whether You’re A Beginner Who Wants A Broad Range Of Trading Products Or An Active Trader Looking For A More Robust Trading Experience, Td Ameritrade Has The Tools To Help You Build And Maintain Your Portfolio. Td Ameritrade Is Committed To Our Clients’ Success, Providing Comprehensive Educational Resources, Easy-to-use Trading Tools.

What Banks Does Td Ameritrade Accept?

Ans:  The Banks That Td Ameritrade Accepts Include Charles Schwab Bank, Ssb; Charles Schwab Premier Bank, Ssb; And Charles Schwab Trust Bank, Each An Affiliate Of Td Ameritrade. You Are Responsible For Knowing The Extent Of Your Fdic Coverage And For Monitoring Your Entire Amount On Deposit At Each Program Bank.

3.Tickmill Brokers

Tickmill Offers An Extremely Simple, Intuitive, And Fast Trading Experience, Our Platform Has Been Designed To Make It Easier Than Ever To Trade Forex, Cryptocurrencies, And Cfds. With Our Wide Range Of Market Products Including Forex Pairs, Cryptocurrencies, And Indices, We Are Confident You Will Find A Trading Solution That Suits Your Needs. All Tickmill Accounts Are Fully Digital And There’s No Requirement To Submit A Large Amount Of Paperwork. Account Opening Process Is Fast And Easy, So You Won’t Waste Too Much Of Your Time On Paperwork. Deposits And Withdrawals Are Simple As Well – You Have 2 Options For Deposit.

1) Through The Bank Wire,

2) Using The Skrill Wallet. You Can Also Deposit Money Using Bitcoin And Paypal, Which May Be A Good Option For Those Who Want To Remain Anonymous From Their Brokers. To Withdraw Money From Your Account, Use Any Of The Following Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill Instant Transfer, And A Prepaid Card With Western Union.

Tickmill is a leading European forex brokers. The Tickmill group offers clients competitive trading conditions in all asset classes on the most popular in the markets. The company has received numerous awards in recognition of its achievements in forex and CFD trading.

Tickmill Licensing

Tickmill Ltd Is Licensed In Fsa, Fca, Cysec, Labuan Fsa, And Fsca.

Tickmill Spreads

Tickmill Have 0.07 Pips As A Typical Spread For The Eur/Usd.

Tickmill Commissions

2 Per Side Per 100,000 Traders.

Tickmill Minimum Deposit

Tickmill Has a Minimum Deposit of $100.

Tickmill Trading Platforms

Mt4, Mt5, Mt Web Trader, And Mt For Mac.

Tickmill Contact Us

Office: +60 87 504 565

Client Support: +60 16 299 9449

Client Support Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 – 17:00.

Tickmill FAQ

Does Tickmill Allow Scalping?

Ans:  We Are Proud That We Have No Restrictions On Trading. We Also Allow Scalping, Hedging, Arbitrage, Eas, And Algorithms Trade.

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw Money From Tickmill?

Ans:   The Tickmill Deposit And Withdrawal Process Works Quickly And Seamlessly, But It Can Take A Few Days For The Money To Arrive. We Tested The Deposit And Withdrawal Times At Tickmill Ourselves And Found That It Usually Takes At Least One Business Day, But Often Several Business Days For Your Money To Arrive.

Tickmill List Of Forex Broker In Malaysia

4. Ic Markets Brokers

Ic Markets Is A Broker That Specializes In Providing Their Clients With High-Quality Online Trading Services, And The Ability To Trade With Ease. The Broker Has A Wide Range Of Offerings On Its Platform, Including Commodities, Forex And Cfds, Stocks, And Indices; They Also Provide A Selection Between Spread Basis And Raw Spread Accounts As Well As Mt4, Mt5, Ctrader, Mobile Trader Applications.

Ic Markets Is A Brokerage Firm That Allows Traders To Bypass The Traditional Restrictions That Most Brokers Set On Their Platforms. Following The Recent Boom In Popularity For Automated Trading Strategies (Ats), Ic Markets Became One Of The First Brokers To Offer A Metatrader 4 Platform For These Strategies, Allowing Traders To Run Automated Trading Strategies From Their Ctrader Or Mt4 Accounts.

Ic Markets Spread

 Our An Average Eur/ Usd Spread Is 0.1 Pips.

Ic Markets Licensing

Ic Market Licensed In Asic, Cysec, Fsa, Scb.

Ic Markets Commissions

Ic Markets Does Not Charge A Commission On Standard Accounts; Instead, We Mark Up The Spread Received From Our Liquidity Providers. On This Account, We Charge A Commission Of $3.5 Per Standard Lot Round.

Ic Markets Minimum Deposit

Ic Markets Has A Minimum Deposit Has $200

Trading Platforms

Mt4, Mt5, Mt Web Trader, Mtiphone/Ipad, Mt Android, Mt Mac.

Ic Markets Contact Us

+248 467 19 76

Office Hours;

Monday – Saturday 

07:00 – 07:00

Sunday – Friday 

22:00 – 22:00.

Ic Markets FAQ

Is Ic Market A Good Broker?

Ans: Ic Markets Offers A Breadth Of Educational Resources, As Well As Expertly Designed Automated Trading Systems. It Is One Of The Most Reliable Online Forex Brokers For Traders Who Want To Run Various Automated Trading Strategies. Overall, Ic Markets Is A Good Broker For Investors Who Want To Run Automated Trading Strategies On Metatrader And Ctrader Platforms.

Is It Safe To Trade With Ic Markets?

Ans:   Ic Markets Is A Regulated Online Trading Platform For Cfds, Forex, And Spread. It Attracts Over 4 Million Clients From More Than 100 Countries Around The World. Ic Markets Is Regulated By Asic And Is One Of The Most Trusted Providers In Australia.

IC Markets List Of Forex Broker In Malaysia

5. Fp Markets Brokers

Fp Markets Is A Broker That Offers A Solid Platform And Trading Conditions, Suitable For Both Beginners And Experienced Traders. Its Trading Proposal Includes Stocks, Futures, Forex, And Contracts For Difference (Cfd), Which Are Interest-Bearing Assets That Allow You To Earn Money On Price Movement. With Competitive Pricing And A Number Of Additional Bonuses For New Customers, Fp Markets Is A Great Choice For Anyone Looking For A New Broker.

The Pros At Fp Markets Include A Strong Educational Offering, A Robust Trading Platform And Strategic Customer Service. The Brokerage Firm’s Educational Resources Include Streaming Trading Webcasts, An Institute Dedicated To Training Traders, Webinars And Free Downloads Of Trading Ebooks. The Trading Platform Offers Multi-asset Class Trading With Access To Global Markets. Client Servicing Is Available Via Phone, Email, Or Live Chat, With Staff Members Available 24 Hours A Day, Five Days A Week.

Fp Markets Licensing

Fp Markets Brokers Are Licensed In Asic, And Cysec.

Fp Markets Spreads

Fp Markets Have The Lowest Spreads 0.1 Pips.

Fp Markets Commissions

The Commission Per Lot Value Is A Minimum Of $3 Per Side.

Fp Markets Minimum Deposit

Fp Markets Has a $100 Minimum Deposit.

Fp Markets Trading Platforms

Fp Market Trading Platforms Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, Webtrader, Mobile App.

Fp Markets Contact Us

General; +44 28 2544 7780.

Fp Markets FAQ

Are Fp Markets Reliable?

Ans:  In Addition To The Various Trader Features Listed Above, Another High Point Of Fp Markets Is Its Reliability. It Uses Several Well-liked, Highly-rated Platforms, Including Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, Webtrader, And Press. Each Provides A Smooth, Glitch-free, Low-latency Trade Experience.

Do Fp Markets Have Negative Balance Protection?

Ans:  Fp Markets Offers Negative Balance Protection, Ny4 Server Facility Fast Order Execution With No Requotes On Trade Prices. Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, And Share Cfds Are Available On The Fp Markets Trading Platform.

FPMarkets List Of Forex Broker In Malaysia

6. FXTM Brokers

Fxtm Is One Of The Leading Forex Brokers. The Company Has Been Operating On The Market Since 2007 And Has A Large Of Experience In Trading. Fxtm Offers A Wide Range Of Trading Strategies, A Friendly Trading Environment. Offer Great Educational Tools For Both Beginners And Experienced Traders.

Fxtm Is An Award-winning Global Forex Broker That Is Regulated Worldwide By Multiple Agencies, Including The Fca, Cysec And Nfa. Our State-of-the-art Trading Platforms Feature Some Of The Most User-friendly Technology In The Industry. Our Top Tier Research Team Keeps Traders Informed With Market News, Personal Analysis, And Trade Alerts.

FXTM Licensing

Fxtm Is Licensed In Fsc.

FXTM Spreads

The Spread Are 0.0001 Is Equal To One Pip

FXTM Commissions

Fxtm Commission Per Lot Is $4.

FXTM Minimum Deposit

Fxmt Has A$100 Minimum Deposit.

FXTM Trading Platforms

Fxtm Trading Platforms Mt4, Mt5, Mobile Trading.

FXTM Contact Us

Contact Us On +234 1 460 1586

FXTM List Of Forex Broker In Malaysia

7. Hoforex Brokers

Hotforex Is A Good Forex Broker With Excellent Customer Service. Their Trading Platform Is Reliable And Easy To Use. If You Have Any Issues With Your Account, Hotforex Support Will Help You Resolve Them As Fast And Efficiently As Possible. Overall, I’ve Never Had Any Problems And Their Services Have Been Very Reliable For Me.

Hotforex Was Established In 2006 And Has Been Providing Continuous Services To The Traders. Hotforex Is Regulated By Several Entities And It Makes It Safe And Legit For The Traders To Carry Out Trading Activities With Them. They Are Licensed As A Financial Institution By The Financial Services Commission Of Mauritius And Supervised Under The Bank Of Mauritius Authority.

Hotforex Licensing

Hot Forex Is Licensed In Sv, Uk, Difc, Pty, And Seychelles.

Hotforex Spreads

Hotforex Spreads Are  0.0 Pips.

Hotforex Commissions

The Account Offers A Highly Transparent Commission-Based Structure And Commissions Start At A Low Usd 0.03 Per 1k Lot.

Hotforex Minimum Deposit

Hotforex Has A Minimum Deposit of $5.

Hotforex Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms Like Mt4 Terminal, Multiterminal, Metatrader 4 Web terminal, iPhone Trader, Ipad Trader, Android, And Mt5 Are Used By Hotfoex.

Hotforex Contact Us

Customer Support: +44-2030978571

Hotforex FAQ

Who Owns Hotforex?

Ans:  Hotforex Ceo Is George Koumantaris.

Can I Trade Bitcoin On Hotforex?

Ans:  At Hotforex We Offer You The Opportunity To Trade Popular Cryptocurrencies As Derivatives Without Owing The Digital Asset, With 24-hour Trading.

HFM List Of Forex Broker In Malaysia

8. Oanda Brokers

Oanda Offers Forex Trading On The Micro, Standard, And Ecn Execution Models. Oanda Also Offers A Popular Mt4-Based Trading Platform, Which Connects To The Oanda Network And Features Advanced Feature Such As Social Trading, An Integrated Time-Frame Comparison, Customizable User Interface, And Market Analysis While Streaming Live Data.

Oanda’s Trading Costs Are Generally Steep, With High, Effective Spreads. Compared To The Best Brokers. Its Tradeable Products Range From Cfds On Stocks, To Futures Contracts, To Forex Pairs And Are Suited To Long Term Investors Looking For Leverage Or Traders Looking For A Range Of Options On Which To Base Their Trades.

Oanda Licensing

Oanda Brokers Are Licensed In Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer (Rfed), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Cftc), Forex Dealer Member (Fdm), Iiroc, And Asic.

Oanda Spreads

Oanda Has 1.8 Pips In Eur/usd.

Oanda Commissions

You Only Pay A Fixed Commission Per Trade. The Total Cost For Each Trade Will Is The Sum Of The Applicable Core Pricing Spread Plus Commission. With $50 Commissions Per 1m.

Oanda Minimum Deposit

Oanda Has No Minimum Deposit 

Oanda Trading Platforms

Oanda Forex Brokers Trading Platforms Mt4, Mt5, Fx Trading Platforms.

Oanda Contact Us

Contact Us On +65 6579 8289.

Oanda FAQ

 What Can I Trade On Oanda?

Ans:  We Offer Tight Spreads On Major, Minor, And Exotic Currency Pairs. Forex Is One Of The Most Liquid Markets In The World, With A Trading Volume Of Trillions Per Day. You Can Trade Forex On Our Metatrader 4, Metatrade 5 Platform As Well As On Oanda Trading Platforms.

Oanda Is Owned By Who?

Ans:  CVC Capital Partners Is The Owned by Oanda.

Oanda List Of Forex Broker In Malaysia

9. Plus500 Brokers 

Plus500 Is A Regulated Online Broker That Offers Cfds On Forex, Indices, Commodities, And Stocks. It Is One Of The Few Brokers That Do Not Levy Commission Fees Or Transaction Costs When Trading Forex. The Company Has Been In Business Since 2008 And Has Recently Been Listed On The London Stock Exchange, Which Is Also A Good Sign Of Its Safety.

Plus500 Is A Solid Choice For Investors Looking To Trade Short Term On Price Fluctuations In The Forex, Stocks, And Commodities Markets. The Company Offers A Great Deal Of Flexibility With Its Low Spreads And Fast Execution. In Addition, You Are Able To Switch Between More Than 60 Instruments From One Button Click. Plus500’s Transparent Pricing Model Provides You With A Clear Overview Of All Your Costs And Timeframes. The Platform Also Ensures That You Have Access To Comprehensive Research Tools. Enabling You To Make Smart Investment Decisions Before Opening A Position With Your Own Funds.

Plus500 Licensing

Plus500 Brokers Are Licensed In Frn, Cysec, Uen, Fsca.

Plus500 Spreads

Plus500 Has 0.6 Pips In Eur/usd.

Plus500 Commissions

Pluss500 Offers Zero% Commission Trading. However It takes Additional Fees Can Be Charged Like The $10 Inactivity Fee, 0.5% Currency Conversion Fee, Overnight Funding, And Guaranteed Stop Order Fee.

Plus500 Minimum Deposit

Plus500 Has A Minimum Deposit Of $100

Plus500 Trading Platforms

Plus500 Does Not Offer The Metatrader 4 (Mt4), Metatrader 5 (Mt5), Or Ctrader Trading Platforms.

Plus500 Contact Us

Contact Us On +359 88 211 0467.

Plus500 FAQ

Is Plus500 Credible?

Ans:  Plus500 Is Considered Low-risk, With An Overall Trust Score Of 99 Out Of 99. Plus500 Is Publicly Traded And Does Not Operate A Bank or Company.

Where Is Plus500 Based?

Ans:  Plus500 Is An Israel-based Corporation That Offers You The Opportunity To Trade Cfds In Stocks, Commodities, Forex, And Other Asset Classes. With A Wide Variety Of Contracts That Are Traded On Multiple Exchanges Around The World, It Is Easy To Find A Market Trading Environment Suited To Your Needs. Through The Use Of Technology And Innovative Trading Techniques, Our Experienced Team Offers High Levels Of Customer Service While Keeping Costs Low.

plus500 List Of Forex Broker In Malaysia

10. XM Brokers

XM Offers A Comprehensive Broker Service To Traders Of All Levels. Whether You Are Just Starting Out And Learning The Ropes, Or If You’re A Seasoned Trader, Xm Has The Features And Safety Requirements That Fit Your Trading Style. The Company’s Commitment To Customers has been Demonstrated Through The High Level Of Customer Support That It Provides.

We Have Years Of Experience In The Trading Industry And Understand The Significance Of Your Trading Activity. We Offer Unique Trading Services At An Affordable Price From The Comfort Of Your Home. We Are A Bilingual Company, With Brokers Who Speak Both English And Spanish Which Will Enable Us To Get You Set Up In No Time.

XM Licensing

XM Brokers Is Licensed In Fsc.

XM Spreads

Xm Has Low As 0.6 Pips.

XM Commissions

With XM Zero Accounts, There Is A $3.5 Commission Per Lot.

XM Minimum Deposit

Xm Has A Minimum Deposit Of $5

XM Trading Platforms

XM brokers trade in these platforms Mt4, Mt4 For Mac,mt4 Multiterminal, Mt4 Webtrader, Mt5, Mt5 For Mac, and Mt5 Webtrader.

XM Contact Us

Contact Us On +501 223-6696.


Which Country Is Xm From?

Ans:  Trading Point Holdings Ltd., A Private Limited Company Incorporated In Cyprus, Is The Owner Of Xm. Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Ltd. Is The Entity Serving Eea Countries.

Who Owns Xm Forex?

Ans:  Xm Is A Brand Name Of Trading Point Holdings Ltd, Which Owns Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Pvt Limited, Xm Global Limited, And Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Ltd (XM Cyprus).

Is Xm Forex Regulated?

Ans:  XM Group (Xm) Is A Group Of Regulated Online Brokers. Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Was Established In 2009 And Is Regulated By The Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission.

Xm List Of Forex Broker In Malaysia

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List Of Forex Brokers In Malaysia Video

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